Welcome to the Laboratory of Yukiori Goto.

We are a research group investigating psychiatric disorders from evolutionary perspectives (i.e., Evolutionary Psychiatry) in Kyoto University Primate Research Institute.

If you are interested in this research theme, and would like would to discuss it with us, please feel free to contact us from here.


04.05.2020 CINP Student Encouragement Award.
03.04.2020 Visiting IfADo in Dortmund, Germany.
01.09.2020 Lab meeting with galette des rois.
12.24.2019 Lab meeting with Christmas cake.
12.16.2019 Yui Asaoka received the President Award at 9th Annual Conference of the Japan Emotionology Society.
12.16.2019 We are also currently looking for participants for our on-going research projects.